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What’s Your

I just finished presenting a program to Schneider Electric. They have been in business for over 180 years and last year did $27 billion in sales. You may not know it, but there are only 13 companies on the Fortune 500 who have been in business over 150 years, so Schneider Electric is an impressive company.

The division I was presenting to has a top notch General Manager, Dave Rellinger. In interviewing Dave, to prepare for my program, I found that every year he comes up with (as he calls it) a “WAR CRY” for all his employees to grab on to and run with for the entire year. The definition of WAR CRY is a call made to rally soldiers for battle or to gather together participants in a campaign and that is exactly what Dave is doing.

We are not talking motto, aphorism, adage, catchphrase, or mantra … we are talking “WAR CRY.” He gets his employees fired up with this WAR CRY where they ALL know what they are trying to accomplish for the year. This year his WAR CRY is “Creating Customers Who Create Customers.”

Dave believes in the effectiveness of his annual WAR CRY declarations and the numbers for his division prove him out; he is #1. He also believes in simplifying the message were everyone understands the ultimate goal. In speaking to his employees, I can assure you, they get it. But, what they also get is a boss who has their back, is open to suggestions, not afraid to try new things, and believes in a lot of recognition. The energy and camaraderie in the room was exciting to see.

When you analyze his WAR CRY, it takes customer service to another level. Most companies believe they are satisfying their customers; in fact, according to a study by Bain Company, 80% of companies believe that to be true. However, Bain Company found that only 8% of the customers are truly satisfied enough to say they out-perform their competition.

People don’t go out of their way to tell others about you unless you are extraordinary. So, Dave nailed this WAR CRY for 2017. His employees know what they are shooting for every moment of the day. They are constantly thinking about what they have to do to please their customers in a way that will get them to tell others about the exceptional work Schneider Electric delivers.

For a WAR CRY to be an effective tool it should be simple, focused, and everyone needs to “Get It.” You are all going into battle every day, fighting against your competition. Do you have a WAR CRY that will set the tone for what you are going to deliver? Can you create customers who create more customers for you? Because if you can, you just created the best form of advertising money CAN’T buy: WORD OF MOUTH. What’s your WAR CRY?

RULE #51:

Establish a corporate culture
to astonish your customers.

By doing so,
you will always be in demand.

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